StudentThrive is an automated solution which calculates those students that are most likely to leave, based on input of your existing data.

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Simple, effective, secure

You provide four data sets on a regular basis:

  • Student demographic – ID, First in Family, NESB, ATSI, Mode, etc
  • Course and units – Unit offering, course, school, teaching period, etc
  • Student performance – GPA, prior failure, prior incomplete, etc
  • Student activity – Last portal access, last online library access, etc

StudentThrive processes this data and a set of weighted and customised  indicators are calculated to determine an at-risk score for each student.
The higher the score, the more at-risk the student is of leaving.

A range of reporting will be made available including:

  • Students most ‘at-risk’ of leaving
  • Drill through into ‘why’ a student is at risk, with trends to support
  • Self-service analysis capability

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StudentThrive takes care of all hardware, software, data integration, calculation logic and reporting.

As long as you can provide data in a simple file format – StudentThrive can do the rest, allowing you to focus on creating a student experience unique to your university.

Make a positive difference to your retention rates with StudentThrive.


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